Here are a few comments I have received from fellow guitarists who wish to play some James Taylor style guitar. Let me know if there is a tab you need help with.

  1. Hi Ian. I just successfully purchased and printed the tab. I grew up learning James Taylor and Cat Stevens songs by ear, but that was all in standard tuning, which was why I never could learn much Joni Mitchell, as much as I absolutely worship her. Never learned alternate tunings or how to play in them. I’m just starting in the last couple of years to read tab. It is frustrating and slow, but getting there. I’ll probably be back to get more songs. Nobody else on line has what is actually on the recording; it’s all simplified and kind of dumbed down….Susan (USA).
  2. Hi. I very much enjoyed seeing your video tutorial on “Lay Me Down” by Crosby and Nash. I’m a professional classical singer and I played guitar growing up in the 70’s. Playing occasionally now for the Unitarian congregation in New Jersey, USA, where I’m the choir director. Thank you for the work you do. It’s beautiful…Susan (USA). (see my other website for further non JT tabs
  3. Just wanted to say thank you, Mr. Entwistle. I have been looking for “wandering” for such a long time. No music store in my area had it and it didn’t make it to JT’s greatest hits books. Not only that, many of the online sheet music outlets are incorrect. Many use the open C chord that I have NEVER seen him use! Thank you for making quality sheet music that I can feel confident in learning the CORRECT way. I’ll be buying more from you as I continue studying Mr. Taylor’s work. Keep on doing what you’re doing!” Very respectfully…. Mike (USA).
  4. ‘Thank you very much for the tab/notation for ‘Carolina In My Mind’. It is very good. I am using Powertab to play it and it is a very good way of learning it. Regards’….Dag (Norway).
  5. ‘Thank you much! Been wanting to learn ‘Steamroller Blues’ for a long long time now.  Your playing / tab appears to be the most accurate to the original ’70 BBC recording he did.  Thanks again’….Will (USA).
  6. ‘Hello Ian, I just purchased your James Taylor resources for “You Can Close Your Eyes”. At first I thought $7.88(USD) was too expensive for some TABS, so many are free on the internet. But you obviously have worked hard to provide accurate transcription and ample(4) resources to help me learn the piece. Thank you. Best Regards’……Mary (USA).
  7. ‘Thanks Ian ! I am looking forward to working on this.  I have purchased James Taylor songbooks with chords, but they often don’t show how he really played the songs.   JT often uses a capo – but the songbooks often the show chords w/o a capo in standard tuning. I really appreciate this service you are providing !’….Rich (USA)
  8. ‘Hi Ian, Many thanks for the tab. It really helped me as I did miss a couple of things in the video. As you said much published material is less than great. Its refreshing to see the quality of “The Water Is Wide” guitar tab.’…… Will (New Mexico)
  9. ‘Dear Sir, I am French and I also like James Taylor’s music ! I have played the guitar for many years but I am not very good ! I can only play “slow” tunes such as “The Water Is Wide”….I am writing to you in order to tell you that you are the only person who has written an accurate tab of this tune played by James Taylor. In fact, it is my favourite version ! …..I really admire your work and all the guitarists who are able to find tabs just by listening to a tune ! I wish I could do that but I can’t ! I Many thanks …. Yours faithfully’………Thierry (France).
  10. I am enjoying my two JT transcriptions so much that I am ready to collect a lot more! I must tell you that all my life I have played the guitar and can figure out most folk music fairly easily myself, but I have never been able to play my most favorite singer songwriter, JT, with any kind of satisfaction – until I discovered you!  I have ordered a 5 pack of pdf versions and here are the titles I’d like to request: Long Ago and Far Away; Sunny Skies; The Secret of Life; Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow; The Water is Wide. Thank you very much! Best regards, Frances (LA, USA)