I have been asked on many occasions to compile an instructional DVD of some of James Taylor’s well known songs. This has been an elusive task and over the years I have managed to only produce three. It takes so much time!

The first one I have put together is for ‘The Water Is Wide’. More recently I have completed ‘You Can Close Your Eyes’ and the third is a more recent commission for ‘Carolina In My Mind’.

The DVDs are available as downloads only. If this is the sort of thing that can help please read on!

The Clip below shows a breakdown of the essential methods for teaching on one of the DVDs.

After purchase two files are downloaded

  1. The DVD as an ‘ISO’ disc image that can be opened via a computer DVD player.
  2. A pdf of the guitar tab&notation

The pdf is helpful when studied alongside the DVD. After purchase you will obtain a link to download the two files. The link is also forwarded to your your email address in case you lose connection with the web page. The download can take up to half an hour if your broadband is slow as the dvd files are large, so be patient. The two files will be downloaded to your computer and are normally located in the computer ‘downloads’ directory so please search for them if you find they are not readily apparent. I would advise only downloading once as repeat downloading will only slow down the arrival of your purchase.

Please also ensure you have a software DVD program available on your computer to enable the DVD to run.

A further clip of one of the DVDs is shown below. The clip is just a final summary of me playing a song fairly slowly with some insets to show what my fingers do. The earlier parts of the DVD breaks down the steps showing detailed chords, finger style guidance and optional riffs which JT is famous for. The instruction follows the pdf supplied.

In case you are interested, here is a further Clip of a DVD Tutorial on a lovely Cosby/Nash Song.