Hi! My name is Ian Entwistle and thanks for spending time on my website “The Songs Of James Taylor”. I have been performing live acoustic music for the whole of my adult life. From time to time I give concerts to celebrate his material with contributions to vocals from talented singers.

I try to exact James Taylor’s unique acoustic guitar and vocal style on most of his best known songs. This skill has been built up through years of listening to his wonderful singing and the feel he imparts into his songs. As a result of requests I have now tabbed a good number of those songs which feature his guitar playing and I also teach these songs at home and over the internet. So please get in touch if you would like to learn some JT guitar work. If you feel inclined there is more information in terms of sound files, video guitar instruction and guitar tab/notation within this website.

Alternatively if you are organising a charity event/house concert where you would like a performance of these songs please also contact me.

Please also look at the Web Links page if you would like details of other bands I am in.

Bye for now!