Lay Me Down (Crosby Stills) guitar tab/DVD

Lay Me Down is a song written by James Raymond and appears on a Crosby Nash 2004 album. Two purchase options are available.

One is just the guitar tab&notation. The other is a DVD with guitar tab etc.. The two options are shown below.

The four files are provided in zipped format.

  1. A tab .html file.
  2. A tab .doc file.
  3. A Powertab .ptb midi file – Powertab software can be downloaded from the introductory Guitar Tab page.
  4. A .pdf file which is read in Adobe reader software and shows both tab, notation and the lyrics.

Please click on the orange button ‘add to basket’ Paypal link alongside and this will take you to a checkout page where you can either order further tabs or complete payment in GB Pounds Sterling (£). You will be able to immediately arrange for a download which is backed up by a an email which is sent to you with a download link.

DVD. There are two files provided.

  1. The DVD as an ISO file.
  2. The file is playable as a DVD on the computer after clicking to mount it.

A pdf of the guitar tab&notation.

The DVD instruction shows in detail how to fingerpick the song. A pdf is included of the tab and notation so no need to purchase the tab above unless you want the midi file as well. After purchase you will obtain a link to download the files. The link is also sent to you via a confirmation email in case you lose connection with the web page. The download takes about half an hour via standard broadband.